…enters the rankings having established a strong reputation for advice on restructurings, working practices, data protection, remuneration schemes, recruitment and terminations.

‘Ingrid Korenjak is known in the market and a good and respected practitioner.’

‘We've had an all-round excellent experience with Ingrid Korenjak and the service provided.’

…Wolfgang Kinner and Ingrid Korenjak always communicate well with clients. They maintain a respectful and friendly manner and bring the legal terminology to a level of corporate language suitable for everyday use.

… ‘großes Fachwissen, immer fundiert; lösungsorientierte Herangehensweise (Wettbewerber)‘

Prädikat „Führender Namen im Arbeitsrecht"

...Testimonials say:

‘Very friendly, search for tailored solutions.’

‘Wolfgang Kinner, Ingrid Korenjak: high competence, quick answers.’

‘They have a thorough way of working, are easily accessible and give quick feedback.’

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...Testimonials say:

‘Good boutique firm for employment law in Austria‘

‘strong cooperation overall and detailed view‘

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… ‘fachlich sehr gut und präzise; insbesondere für die praxisorientierte Beratung von grenzüberschreitenden Sachverhalten‘, Wettbewerber

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… has particular experience in handling the employment law aspects of cross-border M&A transactions

… ‘is very customer-oriented and provides quick and excellent solutions’ for her clients